Investors’ Information 投资者关系

Last update: December 13, 2018

To whom it may concern:

Based on the recent requests, popowayCloud Team (abbr. “we”, “The Team”) now reveals the administration data.
基于日前之诉求,popowayCloud 集团(下称”我们”、”本集团”)现披露其运营数据。

In order to supervise the personal calendar, please subscribe to the following calendar (iCal format)#1:
如需监管个人日历,请订阅下列日历(iCal 格式)#1


In order to supervise the campus schedule calendar, please subscribe to the following calendar (iCal format):
如需监管校园安排日历,请订阅下列日历(iCal 格式):


In order to supervise the activity condition(including exercise & sleeping record), please scan the following QR Code using your popowayCloud Fitness app#2:
如需监管活动状况(包含锻炼与睡眠记录),请使用您的 popowayCloud 健身应用扫描下列二维码#2

In order to supervise the financial statement, please input the following link in the browser#3:


In order to supervise the mobile devices, please launch popowayCloud app and select Remote Device Management column, or simply click the following link.
如需监管移动设备,请启动 popowayCloud 应用并选择栏目,或直接点击下列地址:


The Team has affirmed that The Team has to follow the criteria of honesty and trustfulness and adhere to the principle of satisfactory approach to administrating in order to manage pertinent affair.

Should you have transparency inquires, contact us at

popowayCloud Team
Dec 13th 2018


#1: A calendar app which supports an ICS file will be required. Alternatively, these calendar appointments can be accessed online via Doodle:
#2: If you use an iPhone® or Android™ device, you may use MI Fit app instead. To scan, tap Profile at the bottom, then click Friends—>More—>Scan QR Code.
#3: Due to the relevant security settings, only modern browsers (i.e. Chrome 56 or later, Safari 10.2.1 or later and Microsoft Edge RS2) are supported. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Notice: 提示: Simplified Chinese version of the text is for reference use only, which has no legal effect and should not be referred to in official occasions. 简体中文翻译仅供参考,并无法律效力,不应被用于正式场合。