Slight Changes for Box & pCLSS

Hi everyone!

Recently we updated our pCLSS and Box backend engine so that there will be a higher speed for data processing. Meanwhile, we made some small but significant changes in both platforms.

  1. “/s/” disappeared in pCLSS urls
    For users: We want to make the tinyurl be clear to read. Nothing to worry about compatibility.
    For developers: pCLSS web interface and related API have been updated to use new link style. However, current links need not be modified as we set 301 in backend.
  2. Box has been updated to 10.0.2
    For users: The redesigned popowayCloud Box interface now run more smoothly and swiftly.
    For developers: API and web interface are now using port 8443 because Box need a separate port to run robustly. We no longer support http (instead, we use SSH and https). However, current links (including http/80 and https/443) need not be modified as we set 301 in backend.
  3. pCLSS supports Tor
    Tor, or The onion router, has been deployed on our new version of engine. Administrators may use web interface to add relevant links.

BTW, now you are able to follow our GitHub project to make the whole environment even better!
popowayCloud Team