2020 Moving Forward

Dear popowayCloud Customers,

The global pandemic is still an ongoing crisis. As of August 2020, we would like to take you to skim our existing approaches to ensure consistent services and performances, and take a peek at the upcoming updates for popowayCloud.

What We Did

At the beginning of year 2020, we paused key rotation for Passbase, along with other keychain expiry automation which enforces user interaction with our security systems. Therefore, customers may have one less thing to worry about.

We also extended the available hours for customer support. Rather than enterprise users only, now all customers have access to our subject-matter engineers for help with particular issues, on application level (until October 31st, 2020, tentatively).

We take financial availability into account as well. Many limitations on new accounts have been removed or reduced so developers could start to use services from popowayCloud even faster. Existing users are provided with personalized suggestions on instance optimization and migration to scalable applications. On a case-by-case basis, customers may request discounts on selective products by submitting a ticket in the dashboard.

What’s Next

While we continue enhancing the experience of our existing products, we are excited to announce that a few updates are coming to popowayCloud.


To offer a consistent experience, reduce confusion and potential scam, and enable higher automation on backend systems, we are phasing out the following domains:


The migration has been in progress since early 2020. Currently, request to these domains are redirected to:


The HTTP 301 Redirect will no longer be available after August 5, 12:00 AM (UTC). Afterwards, access to the deprecated domains will be unavailable. Considering the subdomain of these domains can only be generated by internal popowayCloud applications, most users will not experience outage.

Customers in Asia:
Due to the domain changes, https://status.pcusercontent.ml/ will no longer be available after August 5. However, you may use the original URL https://status.popoway.cloud/ as it now redirects to the new domain, cloudstatus.popoway.me, which is accessible in Asia regions.


Traditional database systems are easy to start, but scalability could be a headache as the depending application grows. Today, we are proud to announce that we are working together with Google Cloud to fix that issue. Starting August 15, invited customers will have access to the fully-managed GCP database solution, right in the database dashboard. Most popowayCloud websites and services will migrate to GCP database solution as well, though minimal network latency could occur.

Public beta will be available on September 20, and official release is expected by the end of year 2020.


We have updates our inventory of system images for both self-manage instance and dedicated application instance throughout the year 2020. However, many customers from North America region would like us to expand the available zone of instances, particularly at Tristate Area. We listened.

During the weekend of August 8, US East (us-east-1b) will be gradually released and instances will be available for purchase. Note that during the initial phase of release, we may limit the amount of instances one account could retain. At this time, Tunnel Network is unavailable at this zone.

These are the times that define us all, and we want you to know we are here for you as you adjust to these extraordinary circumstances. Thank you again for the continued support of popowayCloud. Please, stay safe.

popowayCloud Team