Hi, May!

Hi there! We finished the April Maintenance and are glad to introduce many new features and improvements to you.

    1. New server, new experience.
      First of all, we launched more rapid instances and mirrors across New York (Vultr), Europe (OVH) and China Mainland (Mi Cloud, CDN and Tunnel Network are currently unavailable here). This will significantly decreases latency.
      Meanwhile, with cooperation from nginx and TenEngine, our outbound web servers are polished by the homemade DyE — popowayCloud Dynamic Querying Engine, which is 200% faster than its predecessor, RedHat Apache. It also switches data center automatically when one broke down.
    2. A more swift website (and design) is here
      because popowayCloud Blog is now powered by the official-enhanced WordPress and separate CDN module.
    3. Updated mail system.
      We switched the mail system to self-developed mail engine, which is able to apply mail relay with high efficiency. It also has a clear but practical interface.
      However, it’s still under beta test so feedback is welcome once you meet issues. Also, temporary rollback is currently offered in the login screen.
    4. Mobile browser support for all services.
      In addition to popowayCloud Blog, Box and Passbase, now popowayCloud Portal, Mail (the new one) and pCLSS have HTML5-based mobile-optimized interface.
    5. Fully IPv6 support.
      All data centers and services, including Virtual Machine, CDN and Passbase, are equipped with IPv6. (For Tunnel Network you need to turn it on manually in operation panel.)
    6. Other minor improvements and optimization.
      • www.popoway.cloud is now pointed towards the popowayCloud Portal, which is an index for all of our services.
      • All display fonts are loaded locally or from our own CDN server, instead of Google APIs.
      • Redesigned error page for every app and website.
      • Integrity guard will authenticate your identity when a potential risk is detected.
      • For each user popowayCloud Blog, Box and Mail now use the same Two-factor token.
      • New SSL certificate for web encryption and mail authentication. Please clear cache of your browser if you encounter related problems.

Happy May and enjoy the

cherry blossom~? {yes, we support emoji v2.1 and code block!}

popowayCloud Team