May Maintenance

The popowayCloud Team has scheduled major maintenance for several components, starting from May 26.

This major maintenance mainly includes …

    • A new web server manager for your Minecraft® servers;
    • new version of popowayCloud Passbase (version will be between 1.4.8-1.5.2);
      1. more color styles;
      2. it will be able to detect your credential and determine your database directory automatically;
      3. plugin support;
    • A small gadget for your One-Time Password so you can get it quickly without logging in to your Passbase;
    • continued optimization of our new webmail platform;
    • deployment of new server, website and client certificates;
    • other system security and integrity improvements.

popowayCloud website and some related services, including popowayCloud Box, will be offline between the date/times listed below:

Start Date: May 26th
Start Time: 6:30 PM EDT

End Date: May 27th
End Time: 7:00 AM EDT

You may still be able to use popowayCloud Portal (live update), pCLSS and Blog (not affected).

Ready to build your village golem!
popowayCloud Team

Disclaimer: Descriptions for update of Multicraft and Passbase is for reference only, whose updated and ultimate functionality is subject to change.