Introducing MailDyE & Transmission

Hi everyone!

Without any mixed configuration or break of service, we are really excited to introduce our mid-September major update: MailDyE and Transmission.

  1. MailDyE
    So… What is DyE? You may get the answer from our previous article — Hi,May!dye welcome
    DyE, or popowayCloud Dynamic Querying Engine, is our main server-side engine, which is used to process static and dynamic WWW content. Now, we bring this gorgeous and efficient technology to our mail server. That is MailDyE. It’s able to relay thousands of mails within one second. Also, it’s Tunnel Network enabled so the chance that your mail account is hacked goes minimum.
    Meanwhile, we redesigned the overall webmail interface again, which is equipped with modern HTML5 features such as gravatar, bootstrap and fontawesome. Every secret mail remains secret, while the experience becomes magnificent.
  2. Box now equips Transmission
    transmission Preview
    Want to maximize your Box? Now there is a new way. Transmission is an industry-class BitTorrent and magnet link solution, which allows you to retrieve your favorite content from the DHT network and save directly to your popowayCloud Box. As usual, Transmission on Box supports both computers and mobile devices.
    Notice: Use of BT protocol is subject to DMCA,  local regulations and Acceptable Use Policy.

Let data runs together with your finger!
popowayCloud Team


One thought on “Introducing MailDyE & Transmission”

  1. Frequently asked questions:

    Q1: Where is the entrance to Transmission?
    A1: It’s at the left-top corner of page.
    Q2: How can I review downloaded files in Box?
    A2: They will appear at /apps/files/?dir=/Transmission_Downloads
    Q3: Will it be counted to my data quota?
    A3: Yes.
    Q4: Can I create my own torrent file?
    A4: Sorry that we currently don’t support this function as it may consume too much network traffic and burden our server.

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