Passbase Breakdown

Dear popowayCloud Customers,

We currently received feedbacks from our customers regarding service breakdown of popowayCloud Passbase and Box sync mechanism. We also heard that a mere amount of users experienced loss of data. We apologize.

After intense and detailed diagnosis, we suggested the conclusion that a program bug may exist in the synchronize bridge between popowayCloud Box sync API and Passbase WebDAV extension. When users bring their devices into an environment where cellular or WLAN signal are weak, and request a update of their Passbase, auto-sync will be triggered afterwards, and possible loss of data packages may occur due to the weak signal. Therefore, user may have a incomplete Passbase file updated in their Box root folder.

We are implementing the following solutions:

  1. popowayCloud Passbase v1.7.2 will be deployed before the end of January, which contains a new-designed mechanism that allows integrity examination of the new version of Passbase file.
  2. popowayCloud Box will be updated to v10.0.10, as a new sync interface, which includes a checksum verification algorithm, will be iterated with this version. This update is expect to be completed around January 28.
  3. If you are one of the mere customers who experienced data loss of Passbase, we are able to process a restore of Passbase data backup. please submit a work order, or email us at to request this restore.

The detailed schedule of Passbase and Box update will be announced later this week. Please be aware that you may still experience possible data loss if your Passbase was accessed and saved between January 5, 3:00 PM, and January 7, 11:00 AM (UTC), as the scheduled backup was not executed yet.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your continuous support of popowayCloud.
popowayCloud Team